The Harvest Table Vegan Collagen Protein Powder

The Harvest Table Vegan Collagen Protein Powder
The Harvest Table Vegan Collagen Protein Powder
The Harvest Table Vegan Collagen Protein Powder

The Harvest Table Vegan Collagen Protein Powder

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With a base of pea protein and brown rice protein, we have added our trademarked blend of CollaV which is all-natural, from plant source, and contains the same amount of Glycine and Proline as bovine collagen.  CollaV is also a source of Bamboo Silica.  Silica is a mineral that is required by the body to produce collagen.  It is also an anti-inflammatory agent in the body.  This powerful combination of ingredients means that vegans can now also experience the benefits of collagen.  The Harvest Table's Vegan Protein blend is 81% protein and every serving contains the same quantity of Glycine and Proline (the amino acids that make collagen so powerful) as an animal-based collagen.

When you purchase a Harvest Table product you can be assured of our promise that our products contain zero added preservatives, additives, fillers or flavourants. 

The Harvest Table facility has been certified Halaal by MJC.  Our certificate number is HT 5558.

Organic Pea Protein, Organic Brown Rice Protein, CollaV 

Serving size
Take 4 tablespoons daily.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Harvest Table Vegan Collagen is best added into smoothies and shakes. It has a pea and brown rice protein base and therefore has a mild flavour. It doesn't dissolve well in coffee and tea. You could use this product in baking or cooking.

What is Vegan Collagen?
This is a plant based source of the collagen amino acids proline and glycine that your body uses to build your skin, hair, nails, joints, ligaments and gut lining.

What is the source of the collagen amino acids?
The collagen amino acids found in our CollaV are from plant source. They are produced in much the same way that xylitol is produced, through a fermentaion process.

What makes up CollaV?
CollaV is our trademarked vegan source of collagen and contains the amino acids proline and glycine as well as Bamboo Silica which is also wonderful for assisting your body to create its own collagen.

Is Vegan Collagen a better source than Bovine?
Although our Vegan Collagen is a great source of collagen for vegan's, the animal based collagens may be more effective due to the quantity and quality of collagen found in the animal sources.

Why is the word Collagen not used in the product name?
We are only allowed to use the word collagen in then name of an animal based product as collagen is not found in plants. We have however extracted the individual collagen forming amino acids from plants in order to create a collagen promoting vegan protein.

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