Credé Organic Coconut Oil (Odourless)

Credé Organic Coconut Oil (Odourless) - Vita Wellness
Credé Organic Coconut Oil (Odourless) - Vita Wellness

Credé Organic Coconut Oil (Odourless)

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Coconut Oil Terminology 101

Non-organic vs organic:
The difference between non-organic and organic coconut oil comes down to farming practice. Non-organic coconut oil may involve synthetic pesticides and chemical processing, while organic coconut oil is produced using coconut trees which are grown without the use of chemicals, retaining more nutrients and promoting environmental sustainability.

Refined coconut oil vs virgin coconut oil:
The difference between refined coconut oil and virgin coconut oil is the production process. Refined coconut oil uses heat and filtration in its production process, itself making it ideal for high temperature cooking. The refinement process also means it has no coconut aroma.
Virgin Coconut Oil is raw and unrefined, and therefore retains more of the coconut flavour as well as more of the nutritional content of the raw coconut. Virgin coconut oil is made from the fresh mature kernel of the coconut (cocos nucifera). Virgin coconut oil has a distinctive coconut oil taste and aroma. The oil is solid at room temperature, with a melting point of around 23-26’C. When solid, the oil has a white colour and when liquid, the oil has a water-like clarity.

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