OhMega Chocolate Almond Nut Butter 400g

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OhMega Chocolate Almond Nut Butter 400g

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This is an indulgent nut butter spread that is rich in nutrients and abundant in energy; an excellent morning indulgence for children in their developmental stage. The newly introduced Chocolate Almond nut butter by OhMega is exclusively crafted from finely ground almonds, cocoa, a little amount of sugar, and no additional ingredients. This is a luscious and velvety spread that has a significant amount of protein and is rich in the necessary vitamins and minerals naturally present in almonds. Excellent when spread on toast or used as a filling in sandwiches, a delectable accompaniment to desserts, and a delightful treat when enjoyed directly from the spoon.

Free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Free from milk and dairy, making it acceptable for anyone with lactose intolerance.
Almond nuts are abundant in nutrients and offer significant health advantages for developing, energetic children.

Rich in calcium and phosphorus, which promote bone health
This product is abundant in antioxidants, specifically vitamin E, which promotes improved cardiovascular health.
Rich in dietary fibre to promote optimal digestion
Origin of nutritious unsaturated fats and protein. 

Were you aware? The chocolate almond butter recipe by Oh Mega has a sugar content of only 1.1g per 15g serving, which accounts for 7% of the whole weight. In comparison, other brands of nut butters can include as much as 8g of sugar per 15g serving, making up 50% of the total weight.

The ingredients include almonds and a 71% dark chocolate made from organic cocoa paste, sugar, and organic cocoa butter.

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