Viridian Organic Black Seed 450mg - 90 Veg Caps

Viridian Organic Black Seed 450mg  - 90 Veg Caps

Viridian Organic Black Seed 450mg - 90 Veg Caps

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PRODUCT INFORMATION: Organic Black Seed Capsules are made from pure Nigella sativa seeds and are rich in active compounds. Nigella sativa originates from Western Asia and is a herb that grows about 16-24 inches in height and has white flowers when in bloom. The plant is now cultivated from the Near East to India, though the most highly regarded and most potent black seeds come from Egypt.

For more than 3,000 years, black seed has featured in the health and beauty regimes of traditional cultures including the ancient Egyptians. Tutankhamun is even believed to have had a bottle of black seed oil in his tomb. Also known as the ‘Blessed Seed’, black seed is used as a natural remedy for a wide range of aliments.

Viridian’s Organic Black Seed supplements are certified organic by the Soil Association and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or other chemical sprays. Made exclusively from organic Egyptian black seed, each capsule delivers a potent 450mg per dose.

Contains 100% active ingredients, formulated by expert nutritionists with no artificial fillers and no nasties. Sourced according to Viridian’s strict ethical criteria including no animal testing, GMO or palm oil.
Directions: As a food supplement, take one to four capsules daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Black Seed Powder 450mg,
Vegan (HMPC) capsule

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