Viridian Organic Mineral Complex - 90 Veg Caps

Viridian Organic Mineral Complex - 90 Veg Caps

Viridian Organic Mineral Complex - 90 Veg Caps

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PRODUCT INFORMATION: Organic Mineral Complex from Viridian offers a natural source of more than 80 essential trace and macro minerals for everyday supplementation. This formula features organic nettle leaf (Urtica dioica), organic horsetail herb (equisteium arvense), organic seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) and wild-harvested Aquamin (lithothamnion calcareum). The broad range of naturally present minerals within this formulation can help to fill the nutritional void caused by a lack of macro and trace minerals often found within the typical western diet.

The hero of this complex is aquamin; a red algae-derived mineral source sustainably harvested off the west coast of Ireland. It is naturally rich in calcium and magnesium, along with 74 further trace minerals including manganese, selenium and zinc - all assimilated from seawater.

Harvested in Scotland, wild seaweed draws an incomparable wealth of macro-elements and trace elements directly from the seawater. Notably, seaweed is naturally rich in Iodine, an important mineral which contributes to normal thyroid function. Nettle is also well known for being a valuable source of minerals, including iron, calcium and silica, whilst horsetail is a good source of silica.

This supplement has been certified organic by the Soil Association, meaning it is good for the planet and for you.

Contains 100% active ingredients, formulated by expert nutritionists with no artificial fillers and no nasties. Sourced according to Viridian’s strict ethical criteria including no animal testing, GMO or palm oil.
Directions: As a food supplement, take one to three capsules daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Nettle Leaf 300mg,
Organic Horsetail Herb 100mg,
Organic Kelp 75ug,
Wild Harvested AquaMin 25mg,
Vegan (HMPC) capsule

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